Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital (MPUH) is a premier institute in India devoted entirely to urology and nephrology. It is a not-for-profit, academic medical center based in Nadiad – Gujarat, focused on cutting-edge clinical care, education and research. MPUH is located at Nadiad, an hour’s distance from Ahmedabad and Vadodara.

The institute is a 160-bed facility with 6 operation theatres, 44 dialysis stations, urology, nephrology, anesthesiology, radiology and pathology departments along with a modern clinical laboratory and blood bank. The hospital also houses a state-of-the-art teaching and training center (Jayaramdas Patel Academic Centre or JPAC) to impart latest knowledge to practitioners and students in the subject area of nephro-urology.

MPUH was set up in 1978 when Dr Virendra Desai, an internationally trained Urologist, approached Shri Jayaramdas Patel, a successful industrialist, philanthropist & educationist – with a vision to give back to his hometown (Nadiad) and serve the local community. He was joined by two prominent humanitarians, Shri Occhavlal Parikh and Shri Prahlad Patel to make his vision a reality.

MPUH translates ‘Giving back to the community’ into reality in three ways. Firstly, it offers free treatment to patients from poor economic backgrounds. High-quality care is given to all patients irrespective of their financial ability. Secondly, MPUH conducts high-quality research across various urological and nephrological diseases. Lastly, MPUH is proud to host the largest residency training program in urology – our alumni serve patients all over World. Through our postgraduate courses and training programs, we are building capacities of practicing doctors around the globe.


Every Life Deserves World Class Care


To provide comprehensive world class medical treatment for all kidney ailments to patients, irrespective of their socio-economic background, enabling them to live a full life through care, comfort and counselling. To be a holistic, enlightened centre for healing, research and teaching in the field of urologyand nephrology.

Chairman & Managing Trustee


Chairman since 2010

Today, I feel proud that MPUH is ranked amongst the world’s top 10 institutions for kidney stones and our Managing Trustee, Dr Mahesh Desai, among the world’s top 10 kidney stone experts – a ranking compiled by Expertscape, an independent organisation which uses an objective algorithm to identify the world’s top experts in various medical fields.
One of the most heartwarming things about MPUH is when satisfied patients become our ambassadors and are inspired to give back. They not only send more patients from their villages but also raise funds for the hospital. It is a wonderful example of how the circle of gratitude is expanded to touch more lives.


Managing Trustee

MPUH and I share the same goal – to ensure world-class care to every patient, irrespective of caste, creed, education or financial status. Never in the history of MPUH has any patient been turned away due to lack of funds. In an era of technology explosion, we have been adopting state-of-the-art equipment and medical gadgets that have required huge investments. But the hospital’s trustees have always shown full faith in me and given me complete freedom to adopt the most modern of technologies. The only question that is asked is: how many patients can we serve? It is never about cost or profit. When you have such a positive work atmosphere, you can create magic. And, when you have the right intent, the entire universe supports you.

Trustees & Governors


Mr Rohit J PatelChairman
Dr Mahesh R DesaiHon. Managing Trustee
Mr Pranav R ParikhManaging Trustee
Mr Ramesh O ParikhTrustee
Dr Mihir M DesaiTrustee
Mrs Nandini MiraniTrustee
Dr Mohan RajapurkarTrustees
Mr Nitinbhai DesaiTrustees


Mr Rohit J PatelChairman
Dr Mahesh R DesaiHon. Managing Director
Mr Rameshbhai ParikhMember
Dr Mohan RajapurkarMember
Dr Mihir DesaiMember
Mr K.G.Patel  Member
Dr Nalini DesaiMember
Mr Pranav PatelMember
Mr Hiren GandhiMember
Mr Parag Desai Member
Mrs Nandini Mirani Member
Mr Pranav ParikhMember
Dr Ravindra SabnisMember
Dr Sishir GangMember
Dr Pradeep P. RaoMember
Dr Sushil Kanubhai Shah Member
Mr J. M. Trivedi  Member

Clinical Programs

We were the first hospital in western India to undertake kidney transplant as early as 1980. We conduct endocscopic, laproscopic and robotic surgeries for urology and nephrology issues. Many of our patients are daily wage earners – who need to resume their livelihoods at the earliest. To minimize the overall healing period, we introduced advanced diagnostics, trauma reducing solutions, and diligent post-operative care.

In terms of transplants, our success rate is comparable with international standards – a first year survival of 95% and a five year survival rate of 70%. Our longest surviving transplantee is 32 years! Nephrectomies are performed for living donor transplants. Our another area of expertise is treatment of renal stones. We treat over 1,000 patients each year and 96% of our patients exhibited zero recrurrence of renal stones in the last three years. In terms of dialysis, we conduct over 2400 dialysis per month

Innovations in Surgical Techniques

The medical community looks to MPUH for surgical innovations in urology.

MPUH’s team has developed methods for benign prostatic surgery, instruments and techniques for invasive urology procedures, and an innovative robotic surgical device. Our team conducted the first ever trial to compare newer laser energy modalities for stone integration. We also conduct multiple industrial trials on drugs and devices related to urology and nephrology. Our team developed a highly cost-effective kit, popularly called the “Nadiad bag” for collection of specimens in laparoscopic surgery.


Through our research institute, we are relentlessly working towards superior, less invasive and more cost-effective solutions for kidney-related diseases. We focus on innovative solutions and have a holistic research-based approach in treating renal disorders. Our contributions help in developing better treatment modalities, better diagnostics and better drugs in the fields of nephro- urology. These benefit patients across the world.

Our team has secured three patents in the USA and one patent in Europe. We conduct simulative training to train urologists performing complex urological procedures.

Outreach Activities

MPUH is committed to spread awareness about kidney disease through free diagnosis camps in rural districts – to educate and detect disease at an early stage. Information is shared about how kidney disease can be prevented with timely action and how disease progression can be retarded.

  • Every month, the hospital conducts awareness classes for kidney recipients and donors.
  • 3000 persons of Kheda district have been screened for incidence of prostrate enlargement (generally evident in elderly male population) and provided free treatment. In doing so, we are collecting important epidemiological data to carry out further research in the subject.
  • In collaboration with a local NGO, MPUH organizes free camps at Bidada (Kutch district) thrice a year for treatment of renal stones. On an average, 30 free surgeries are performed at every camp.
  • An OPD facility at Dharmaj (an important location in Anand district).
  • A support team of experts from USA joined our free surgical camps on bladder exstrophy congenital deformity.