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Interesting Cases

Obese Patient       
1996     Status:       Lt.Congenital meta ureter                      Lt.Greigor Leich reimplantion                 
Bilateral stones with renal insufficiency 45 year old gentleman presented with obstructive Uropathy & Renal Insufficiency Sr.Creatinine - 3.43 mg/dl Sr.Elecrolytes - normal Urine c/s - sterile B/L PCN
Presentation 42 year old man presented with history of left flank pain with vomiting since 6 days, He had associated fever with chills since 3 days Investigations Hb : 14 gm% Serum creatinine : 13.1 mg% Serum sodium : 137mg%
SG; 22 year Gentleman, full term normal delivery , normal childhood history. Diagnosed to have ESRD when patient had nausea and generalised weakness in june 2003.  Renal transplant done on 30/9/2003, donor mother Graft placed in right iliac fossa, RA anastomosed to EIA end to side. Immunosuppresion: cyclosporine+mycophenolate mofetile +prednisolone. Rise in creatinine on the 8th post operative day.
Primery Percutaneous Nephrolithotripsy in Ectopic Kidneys          Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital