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Information Regarding Entrance Examinations for DNB Courses.

Entrance Examinations for
  • DNB (Urology) course - 4 (four) seats & 1(one) research fellow
  • DNB (Nephrology) course - 2 (two) seats


  • DNB (Urology) : MS/DNB in General Surgery
  • DNB (Nephrology) : MS/DNB in General Medicine
  • MD/DNB in Pediatrics

For latest announcements regarding dates of written examination and viva voice, Please keep viewing this page.Interested candidates should contact us at Muljibhai Urological Hospital, Dr. Virendra Desai Road, Nadiad 387001 Gujarat, along with the following:
  • A demand draft for Rs.1500/- in favour of MULJIBHAI PATEL UROLOGICAL HOSPITAL drawn on a Nadiad bank.
  • Detailed CV with:
  1. Name address, personal particulars, family background, languages known &
  2. Extra curricular activities, Educational/Technical qualifications
  3. Record of Employment (most recent job first), with brief description of your present duties.
  4. Medals/Awards/Scholarships.
  5. Conferencattended/Papers presented or published.
  6. Names and addresses of three persons (relatives excluded) for references.2 (two) passport-size photographs.

Exploring New Horizons : Post Graduate Education

Change demands something new - exploring new horizons, new knowledge from the periphery, not the tired knowledge from the mainstream. This institute, therefore not only imparts health care services but also conducts a Postgraduate program which holds strong global recognition. It is the only hospital in the country to have received approval from the National Board of Examination, New Delhi for 4 seats in DNB Urology & 2 seats in Nephrology. This institute gave Dr. M.R. Desai's ambition - devotion - persistence - a direction for which he has been given "Recognition of the best talents in encouraging the development of specialties in different branches of Medicine" and has been conferred theDr. B.C. Roy National Awardfor the year 2000. His valuable services in the scientific teaching program have added to this institute the pride of having 100% successful examination results. The hospital also imparts field work training to students undergoing the medical social work program conducted by post graduate courses of the Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar. The hospital is trying to unfold a new chapter in medical care through not only imparting education but also through exploring in research and development as well.

  • MPUH is Privileged to be SIU-Recognized Training Center to host fellowship program in Asia
  • MPUH is Recognized for International fellowship training in Endourology by Endourological Society INC.

Research & Development

At MPUH, we are constantly trying to discover new ways to treat and prevent diseases, and fulfill unmet medical needs by drawing on our considerable medical knowledge, resources and potential for innovation.

For many, getting rid of is a dream - at MPUH we work towards it every day whether it is surgically or medically. We not only intend to promote the Cadaver Transplant program but have recently inaugurated the "Centre of Excellence" where various clinical trials are performed.
The Research Institute of the Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital has been recognised as an important research organisation by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, in 1984.

The Hospital aims to undertake scientific research in the field of Nephrology, Urology & other allied basic & amp; applied science for better health care of patients suffering from disease of kidney & urogenital tract by way of prevention, mitigation, and reduction of cost of treatment of such diseases without any aim of earning profit.

Our institute has produced hundreds of scientific papers, which have been presented at various national and international seminars and conferences. Important research projects in which the institute is actively involved in at present are:

  • Study of Glomerulonephritis IInd phase July, 1998 upto 2002
  • Record of Employment (most recent job first), with brief description of your present duties.
  • Study of Chronic Renal Failure & Renal Transplantation IInd phase July,1998 upto 2004
  • Assessment of different operative method and disease of the urethra IInd phase July,1998 upto 2003
  •  Comparison of various methods of surgical treatment & disease of the prostate, IInd phase July,1998 upto 2003
  • Study of various aspects of Urinary Stone Disease IInd phase July,1998 upto 2008.

Following are the Forthcoming projects

  • To evaluate role of Colour Doppler in management of Acute Ureteric Colic
  • Evaluate role of Colour Doppler in diagnosis and management of erectile dysfunction
  • To decide the protocol in management of upper ureteric calculi
  • To evaluate role of pneumatic intra-corporeal lithotripsy-with special reference to cost, morbidity and effectiveness.
  • Extended analysis and review of lower calyceal stone ESWL

The building of the research institution was inaugurated on 3rd September, 1989 by the then President of India, Shri Shankar Dayal Sharma.


First Prize in the Basic Clinical Research Section to Dr.Rajesh Kukreja by World Endourology Society

Dr Rajesh Kukreja completed his Fellowship in Endourology, SWL and Laparoscopy (World Endourology Society) from 1st July 2002 to 30th June 2003. He submitted his clinical research paper on "Factors affecting Blood loss and Transfusion rates associated with Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy: Can these be predicted and modified?" This was a prospective study in which 301 PCNL procedures were studied and various patient and procedure related factors were assessed with respect to their impact on procedure related blood loss. The paper has been awarded the first prize in the Clinical research section.


Successive Gold Medal

Diplomat National Board awards the H.S.Bhat Gold Medal every year to the topper of super specialty DNB exam in Urology. MPUH candidates have consequently received this reward.

Dr. Rajesh Kukreja for the year 2001
Dr. Poulose Chally for the year 2000
Dr. Sanjeev Patel for the year 1999



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