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Amputation of the Penis (Ca penis)

Amputation of the Penis (Ca penis)

What is it?

Amputation of the penis is nothing but removal of the whole penis,This surgery is being performed for the cancer of the penis,more common in the distal part maily the glans penis,coronal sulcus and in uncircumcised males with poor personnel hygiene.

How it is done?

Most common cancer is squamous cell carcinoma.if the lesion is detected early; the total removal of the penis can be avoided, After removal of the penis for the cancer ,we have to make alternate passage for the urine like perineal urethrostomy or supra pubic urinary diversion.

The disease has tobe staged as per the extent after removal and needs lymphadenectomy after checking the biopsy report.

Total penectomy Specimen done for Cancer


We can prevent the cancer penis by doing circumcision in the early age and by taking care of the hygiene of the personnel part regularly.