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Partial Cystectomy for Bladder cancer

Partial Cystectomy for Bladder cancer

What is it?

Partial or segmental cystectomy is a treatment that involves the surgical removal of the part of the bladder (tumour bearing area) and surrounding bladder wall.

An ideal patient for partial cystectomy is one who has a normally functioning bladder with good capacity, a first-time tumor with a single tumor, and a tumor location in an area that allows a 1- to 2-cm margin of resection, such as at the dome. A urachal adenocarcinoma that occurs at the dome of the bladder and may extend up the urachus and toward the umbilicus is another indication for partial cystectomy and other tumours like primary pheo chromocytoma and osteo sarcoma of the urinary bladder and tumour in the diverticulum of the bladder are also may be treated by partial cystectomy.