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At Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital (MPUH), our Radiology Department plays a pivotal role in providing advanced imaging and diagnostic services that empower informed medical decisions. Our team of skilled radiologists specializes in various radiology disciplines to ensure accurate and comprehensive evaluations.

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What we do

Our team of experienced, qualified physiotherapists help restore mobility in patients. Physiotherapy is highly recommended for CKD patients as well as for post operative recovery in patients who have undergone surgery. Each exercise program is designed to match the current physical fitness level and needs of the patient and is continuously monitored and calibrated to match their progress. Our objective is not just treatment of the disease, but also helping patients regain their lifestyle in the most optimum time.

MPUH Specializes

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CT (Computed Tomography) Imaging: Cross-Sectional Precision

Our CT specialists utilize cross-sectional imaging to provide detailed views of internal structures. This technique is valuable for diagnosing complex conditions, guiding surgical planning, and monitoring treatment progress.

Diagnostic Radiology: Illuminating Insights for Accurate Diagnoses

Our diagnostic radiologists employ a range of imaging modalities, such as X-rays and, CT scans, I, to provide detailed visualizations of internal structures. With a focus on precision and clarity, we contribute to timely and accurate diagnoses that guide patient care.

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Meet our Radiologist

Dr Yogesh Rathi

Consultant Radiology


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