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Department of Pathology

We have a full-fledged pathology department which includes and automated biochemistry laboratory, radio immuno assay, histopathology including flurescent staining for renal biopsies, microbiology, and tissue typing facilities. We have qualified pathologists and biochemist supported by a number of trained laboratory technicians. Patient’s can avail of this facility on an out-patient basis, if properly prescribed.



Ours is a team of experienced pathologist, biochemist and a highly skilled and dedicated technical staff who are committed to provide the highest quality results needed to deliver the most effective patient care. Our department functions 24hrs a day and ensures that accurate results are conveyed quickly to the treating clinician.

We provide quality service through fully automated analyzers, highest quality imported reagents with regular calibrations and controls. The department is linked with the LAN system which ensures easy accessibility to all results.

The department has the following sections:

  • Biochemistry

  • Hematology

  • Histopathology and Cytology

  • Microbiology

  • Clinical pathology

  • Immunology

  • Research


This section is fully automated. All routine and specialized tests required for the detection and treatment of renal and urological diseases are performed here.Beckman Coulter CX5 Pro random access chemistry analyzer performs the routine as well as specialized biochemistry tests. This has a supportive backup system of Transasia-XL300 (Erba) as well. Roche Omni Electrolyte and blood gas analyzer, Nova 4+ (Nova-Biomed) electrolyte analyzer and the Electrophoresis system from Sebia completes the list of the equipment in this section.

Apart from the routine clinical chemistry analysis, we also perform theradioimmunoassay (RIA) and Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)tests for a number of specialized investigations. The automated ELISAsystem and Gamma counter are thus the important part of this section. Drug monitoring, tumour markers, hormone assay, protein markers,viral screening and anaemia profile are regularly performed.


All routine hematology tests and coagulation studies are performed. The Beckman Coulter HMX analyzer delivers consistently reliable results with a fully automated differential and semi-automated reticulocyte counts.

Histopathology and cytology

The histopathology section processesaround 500 renal biopsies annually, including renal allograft biopsies. We provide both light microscopy and immunofluorescence studies and deliver same-day biopsy results. No case is signed out without direct contact with the clinician to ensure a correct diagnosis focusing on the critical clinical questions.

Urological pathology reports generated here are based on AJCC/UICC TNM (2009) system. We also provide intraoperative frozen section biopsy services. Urine cytology to detect malignancies of the urinary tract is also performed here.

We are also referral centre for renal and urological pathology and reportbiopsies for many hospitals within and outside Gujarat.

This section is equipped with Leica 1950 cryostat, Leica microtome, Shandon Histocentre 3 Embeddig Centre, Shandon Citadel Tissue processor and Cytocentrifuge.

Clinical pathology

Urine routine examination, semen analysis, stool analysis and body fluid analysis are done on a daily basis with a turn around time of about 2 hours


Provides services for the diagnosis of infectious diseases. In addition to the routine diagnostic methods like microscopy and culture, we have automated BacT/Alert 3D (Biomerieux) system which aids in the rapid detection of microorganisms in blood and body fluids. The miniAPI(Biomerieux) identification system accurately identifies and provides antimicrobial susceptibility. The rapid turn around time on many occasions may be life saving for the patient.

We are also equipped with Gen-Probe's AMPLIFIED MTD Test which detects Mycobacterium tuberculosis rRNA directly and rapidly.

Lymphocyte cross match by Complement Dependent Cytotoxicity (CDC).

This test which is performed during donor screening as well as immediately prior to renal transplant detects the potentially harmful antibodies directed specifically against the donor’s HLA antigens.  

Research section 

The clinical laboratory routinely takes part in all hospital sponsored and laboratory based research and clinical trial activities. This section is specially equipped with Beckman UV-Vis and Amkett UV-Vis spectrophotometer for special analysis. A highly experienced and talented group of workers who are constantly involved in novel assay development and innovative clinical research work form a part of this section.