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Intersting Cases in Department of Urology

Alternative cutting edge, least invasive, treatment of cancer prostate: Robotic HIFU treatment at MPUH Nadiad (STUDY RESULT) HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) treatment of prostate cancer is currently an approved therapy in Europe, Canada, South Korea, Australia, and many other places. HIFU treatment may be performed as a minimally invasive (least invasive) option, with low morbidity and simple post-treatment management.
1996     Status:       Lt.Congenital meta ureter                      Lt.Greigor Leich reimplantion                 
Bilateral stones with renal insufficiency 45 year old gentleman presented with obstructive Uropathy & Renal Insufficiency Sr.Creatinine - 3.43 mg/dl Sr.Elecrolytes - normal Urine c/s - sterile B/L PCN
Presentation 42 year old man presented with history of left flank pain with vomiting since 6 days, He had associated fever with chills since 3 days Investigations Hb : 14 gm% Serum creatinine : 13.1 mg% Serum sodium : 137mg%