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  We chose MPUH for my father’s kidney transplant after visiting multiple speciality hospitals in the country It was a long journey of over 6 months and we are so glad about our choice. Phase 1 was initial consultation and legal paper work to establish relationship between patient and donor. Next, there were exhaustive tests for the patient and the donor to ensure that the donor would not face any complications later and the kidney is a good match. In our case, the third step was bilateral nephrectomy (removal of both kidneys because of the size), and finally the transplant.
While all these steps are pretty intense and exhausting for the patient donor and the family, everyone at MPUH had the patient and donor’s best interest at their heart. Doctors, nurses and rest of the staff are well trained in their jobs and take it very seriously. Often over-worked and tired because of non•stop questions, they were always polite whenever asked anything.
Also, the hospital is focused on kidney and urological issues only and is self sufficient With multiple operations theaters, blood bank, dialysis center, ICIJ, and recovery wards.
Kidney transplant is an expensive process, but MPUH is run by a trust and is much cheaper than most of the other hospitals that are run for profit. This aspect also ensures that doctors rarely order any process or medicines unnecessarily for the sake Of making money.
Given the hospital is decades old, it does not look or feel like a modern 5-star hospital. So if that is a requirement for you. it might disappoint but if you are looking for passionate and expert treatment. look no further than MPUH.
Lastly, While Nadiad is indeed a small town, it is very well connected with Ahmedabad and Vadodara (—1 hour from both of these cities) Being a small town makes it ideal for post transplant recovery (8+ weeks)  
~Surbhi Maheshwari


  30 Years of kidney transplant   
~Mahendra Sangani