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My experience at MPUH Nadiad: Shaileshbhai A Davda, Mombasa (Kenya) Nadiad, 21st April, 2011 I arrived in Gujarat from Kenya with my mother (Mrs Bhadraben Amrutlal Davda) on 10th March, 2011 on vacation. It was my first visit to India. On the very next day, in the mid night my mother complained of severe pain in her stomach. I rushed her to Nadiad Kidney Hospital (MPUH). She was immediately attended by the doctors. The next day, Dr. Arvind Ganpule advised immediate surgery to remove the right kidney of my mother as it was found to be completely damaged. She was operated on the 17th of March. Within 3-4 days, she was well and able to walk. She was discharged from hospital on 21st March. However, two days later, on 23rd March, she fell unconscious and she was brought back to the hospital. The doctors found that her sugar level had gone down and she was very weak and could not even speak. She also suffered a stroke. She was put on ventilator. She remained under the treatment of Dr. Ganpule and his team for another three weeks. She was discharged from the hospital on 15th April. I would like to express my gratitude to the team of MPUH doctors led by Dr. Mahesh Desai and others who took care of my mother when she was seriously ill and saved her life. I am very happy with the treatment and service provided to my mother by the entire hospital staff. As a person who was in India for the first time, this unexpected illness of my mother had put me in tremendous difficulty. I had run out of money. But, the hospital was kind enough to give my mother all the required treatment and told me that I may pay whatever I may have, but do not worry about money. They told me that I may like to give some donation to the hospital in future if I so desire. This kind of attitude is rarely seen in other places. This is truly an excellent hospital where patients are treated with compassion and extreme care, and I have no words to express my gratitude to the doctors and the management for such a wonderful treatment and magnanimity in giving free treatment. I would remain ever grateful to MPUH. I will gladly recommend MPUH to my friends and relatives. Signed by the patient's son (Shaileshbhai A Davda)
- Bhadraben Amrutlal Davda (testimonial by her son) , Mombasa (Kenya)
From: vaishali soman Date: 4 January 2011 4:24:07 PM GMT+05:30 To: Mihir Mahesh Desai Cc: Mahesh Desai Subject: Post Operation follow up for V.M.Soman Dear Mihirbhai, My undetectable P.S.A. level @ 0.02ng/mL, three months after operation, has finally put a seal of success on your first ever robotic surgery done in MPUH. This has certainly put yet another feather in the cap of the hospital. I know, for you, it may be just one more surgery done. But for me, it is like an angel coming from infinity with a magic wand in his hand and mitigating my sufferings at once. Now I am feeling like a free bird .Hats off to you and everybody from MPUH. Before my operation, initially Dr Sabanis and later Dr Mahesh Desai,your respected father, explained me in detail about the nature of my prostate cancer as well pros and cons of this robotic surgery procedure. This certainly helped me to face the situation very boldly. In fact, there after,at no time, I had any negative thoughts about that in my mind. All this, because of Dr Mahesh Desai only. More over during my brief stay in the hospital for my operation, I always felt very homely because of the cordial and cooperative attitude on the part of all the Doctors, nurses, PRO, staff, assistants,in fact everybody. I am extremely thankful to all of them. All credit also goes to Dr Jaydeep Date who actually initiated the idea of the robotic surgery and getting me operated in MPUH. In fact till then, I was not even knowing any thing about MPUH. Before that, my daughter, Ashwini who is working in CDC Atlanta had dutifully provided me lot of information on this subject, including your as well Dr Mani Menon's references. Naturally after learning from Dr Date that you would be doing my operation, I was totally relieved of my anxieties. All in all ,with every body's dedicated efforts, my operation has finally become a success story. I sincerely owe something to each of you. At present, I have continued to exercise regularly,as advised.However you may advice me regarding specific dietary as well life style controls to be followed if any. I look forward to meet you again during your next visit to India,though I could not see you this time. Wishing you and your family a very bright and prosperous new year 2011! Thanking you! Yours Truly V.M.Soman
- V.M.Soman , Malad, Mumbai
From Prof. I B Lakhani President, HFRC, Urban Hospital, Dahod. January 25, 2011 Dear Dr. Maheshbhai and members of Team of Dedicated Doctors and staff members at MPUH. Greetings. I and my family members send this page to you to express our gratitude for a wonderful treatment received by me during my stay as indoor patient at your hospital from 10th‘jan 2011 to 15th jan‘2011 and would very much like to pen down our experiences during that period. In fact, if some one asks about our experiences in different areas at MPUH in one sentence, we would speak aloud just one word-"FANTASTIC". Our selection of this one word ’fantastic‘ is not to just please some one but has been chosen after keen observation at every stage and every level. Honestly speaking, I had not straight away accepted your proposal to go for HIFU when I first came to you on 3rd December‘2010. In fact, I was in a dilemma and indecisive when, after going through TRUP and biopsy and bone scan and C T Scan, I learnt that I had a localized prostate cancer of stage T3 and that, there were various options for further treatment. We all had heard about radiation and were just thinking of radiation only with a confused state of mind. During this period, at a time of one regular check up after TURP with Dr. Nagesh. Kamat at baroda, he suggested “ why not go to Dr Mahesh Desai who is at Nadiad now. He is an authority in this type of problem” That is what initially made me come to you on 3rd December‘2010. I now realise, it was the wisest step I took. I had to take decisions on (1) Type of treatment, (2) Selection of the Doctor and (3) selection of the place i.e. hospital. To reach a final decision, we decided to consult you. I distinctly remember the time you devoted to examine me, go through all my reports and put all the efforts to explain to me the four options- (1) Go for watchful waiting and do nothing (2) Go for radiation, (3) HIFU and (4) Radical surgery. You helped me eliminate second and fourth option keeping in view my 73+ years age. We narrowed down to two options.(1) Do nothing at present and (2) HIFU. Watchful waiting and doing nothing would be fair enough for the patients who could not afford and not for affording patients with or without medeclaim policy. That lead me to only one option i.e. HIFU in my case. Now, this HIFU was a new word for every one I spoke to. Including some senior doctors, surgeons, radiotherapists, oncologists etc. By virtue of being president of the health foundation trust managing a medium scale multi specialty hospital under the name Urban Hospital at Dahod, I have remained under the care of doctor friends plus two doctors in the family. Every one sat on the net and started data collection on HIFU. My reports were sent to doctor friends in Australia, uk usa and senior doctor friends in Mumbai , Delhi and Indore. After a detailed analysis, the final decision was to accept HIFU as treatment. Then came up the matter related to selection of doctor who would treat and the place in India or abroad. Surprisingly enough the senior doctors whom we contacted in Delhi, Mumbai, Indore and USA asked me if I was in Gujarat, how far I was from Nadiad and why didn‘t I go to MPUH at Nadiad to Dr Mahesh Desai. My close friend who has stood by me since last 40 years Dr. N N Nagar (Senior Surgeon) who is the Medical Director in our hospital at Dahod, kept on contacting me and strongly advising me to go to Dr Mahesh Desai. A senior radiotherapist friend from Mumbai phoned me to advise me to follow Dr Mahesh Desai‘s advice. And last but not the least my old colleague Prof Kapdia who is now the VC of Kadi university phoned and said,” hey Ishwar, what are you waiting for. Go to Dr Mahesh Desai at MPUH and handover yourself to him and let him do what he feels is best- then relax.” That was the end of my indecision and I came to MPUH and got admitted there on 10/1/2011. My decision making exercise thus lasted from 3rd dec‘2010 to 10th jan‘2011.   Now to tell you the main part- my experiences at MPUH. Well, I have a collection of some quotes. The examples are: (I) BEAUTIFUL IS THAT BEAUTIFUL DOES AND NOT THAT BEAUTIFUL LOOKS.- I found the truth in this quotation at your hospital. The staff members at your hospital, right from the ward boy to the consultant, I found, doing a beautiful job. Not that they don‘t look good, they do good and that could not escape our eyes. (II) IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO HAVE A CERTIFICATE, ONE HAS TO PROVE TO BE WORTHY OF IT. Answer to this too I found in your hospital. Every doctor and paramedical staff moved with a lot of confidence. Their competency and dedication was remarkable and could be observed on their faces. They deserve the certificates they hold. ’AAP KI KARYA KUSHALTA TAB TAK BARKARAR RAHEGI, JAB TAK AAP KI KARYA SHAILI MEIN MUSKARAHAT KI MAHEK HOGI‘. The truth in this quotation also was found at MPUH. Every one approached me and my family members with a smiling face. The words good morning and good evening didn‘t just slip out of their mouths but the words literally moved from within the heart and came out affectionately from their mouth. That was the approach of your staff and you yourself as observed by me. Their punctuality, of course was doubtless. In the end, you and your staff and the facilities at MPUH made our stay during my treatment very soothing and we came back home with smiling faces and that, I have come back with a feeling that HIFU is a wonderful treatment with almost no side effects and the hospital MPUH is a wonderfully equipped and managed hospital and is a unique place for successful management of urology- and oncourology problems. And yes,I am doing fine. Nearly two weeks have already passed since I received the HIFU treatment at MPUH. Closing with kind regards and love and blessings to the young staff members at MPUH. My special thanks to Mr Joseph, Ms Twinkal, PRO and the Doctor directly in charge of my case for smoothly organizing all related matters for me. Yours Truly, I B Lakhani NOTE: The account given above may be too lengthy if you host it on your web site. But that is what has come out from within myself. You have all the rights to edit it to your requirement/host only selected material from my observations as you may find fit.
- Prof. I B Lakhani , Dahod
MIRACLE OF SUCCESSFUL KIDNEY TRANSPLANTATION AT MULJIBHAI PATEL UROLOGICAL HOSPITAL, NADIAD, GUJARAT STATE, INDIA * KIDNEY RECIPIENT (DONEE) * Shri Bhupendra M Chaudhari (blood related brother of Sister Manjulaben A Chaudhari) * Date of Birth : 30/07/1972 * T.P. No. 638 * T.P. Date : 28/08/1995 * Indoor Patient No. 18780 * Mobile No. 001-6302906351 * KIDNEY DONOR * Mrs. Manjulaben A Chaudhari (blood related Sister of Brother Shri Bhupendrabhai M Chaudhari * Date of Birth : 18/06/1966 INTERNATIONALLY FAMOUS — GODLIKE EXPERT DOCTORS: Nephrologist : Hon. Dr. Shree M M Rajapurkar Uro-Surgeon : Hon. Dr. Shree Mahesh Desai Here is the example of the successful kidney Transplantation operation of Mr. Bhupendra M. Chaudhari who has survived even after 15 years since his date of operation and now also quite health, performing all his routine duties through vicissitudes of vicious. Stark anddark reality of cruel life on the Earth. In this case harmonious combination of his elder sister Manjulaben‘s pure divine Motherly love, and her husband‘s prompt co-operative attitude and genuine consent, Doctors‘ successful expertise, prompt and sound services of the hospital staff, warmth of family members and kindly, timely help of Godly people have been reflected, showered and embodied through Grace of the Almighty.
- Bhupendrabhai M Chaudhari with kidney donor, blood related Sister Manjulaben A Chaudhari , USA